Sunday, 2 October 2011

Whirl-Y-Gig with Transglobal Underground Sept 2011 Crucfix Lane

Having seen T.G.U. on many occasions between 93 and 95 I was intrigued to hear there newer material and see their amazing stage show. For the latter I was disappointed. Admittedly, I knew Natacha Atlas had long left but even with her belly dancing aside, gone are the tribal masks and the energy of their live performance. The music mostly slow, tribal and dubby was interesting enough but the older numbers like “Templehead” stole the show.
I was gutted to have missed the 30th Birthday the previous month but Monkey Pilot still produced a blinding eclectic set moving your mood up and down with the tempo and stretching the listening experience into various genre directions. Ade Laugee’s chill out set was a wonderful blend of the old and new with plenty of tribal elements and on the whole a wonderful night was had.

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