Thursday, 24 January 2019

Kick Bong/Kaya Project 'Remixes' Review


Kick Bong/Kaya Project




21st January 2019

It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of the Kaya Project, over the years I’ve found with many artists by the time they reach their third album quite often they change in a direction that differs from my own or they stagnate with a sound I’ve tired of. The Kaya Project are not only an exception to the rule, but to use an expression of a beverage that doesn’t appeal to me ‘like a fine they’ve improved with age’. Admittedly you could say they’ve milked the re-mixes, but then with so many contributing artists they have a living to make. However, the selection of re-mixers onboard have always produced quality versions that work for the dancefloor dj’s. One of these re-mixers Kick Bong a multi-instrumentalist and percussionist in his own right has himself featured in this blog over the years and is a welcome inclusion.

Moving on to the release itself it’s a single featuring a Kaya Project re-mix of Kick Bong’s ‘This Charming Violin’ and Kick Bong re-mixes of the Kaya Project’s ‘Taki Ura Matts’ and ‘Katarino’. So tackling them in order The original ‘This Charming Violin’ already held somewhat of a melacholic gypsy feel with a psy-chill underbelly. The Kaya Project re-mix intensifies the gypsy elements and adds plenty of alluring vocal harmonies to the piece.

The original version of ‘Taki Ura Matts’ from the ‘Up from the Dust’ album was a groovy piece of world music with flutes, violins and vocals that drew on Arabic and Klezmer flavours. Kick Bong’s take elongates the intro, utilising the flute licks and strings in a teasing fashion for those who are familiar with the original offering an interesting and alternative version of a similar pace.

The original version of ‘Katarino’ from the Firedance album was a pleasant piece of arabic fused chillout, that featured the amazing vocal talent of Irina Mikhailova. Kick Bongs take brings in the melodic sound of the hang drum and some melodic synths, that complement Irina’s vocals perfectly and accomplishes an even more chilled atmosphere.

To summarise those who have already brought the recent Kaya Project re-mixes will already have tracks two and three, so may just plug for listening to track one. While those unfamiliar it’s a great intro into their sound which deserves you delving deeper.

Review by Woodzee