Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Sarosa - None Of This Is Real Review

Artist: Sarosa

Album: None Of This Is Real

Label: Self Release

Release Date: December 2012

Sarosa is a project by Tim James drafting in musicians to give his composition’s a live band element. The music for me combines elements of smooth jazz, acid jazz and Balearic chill.
In my opinion there’s a few hidden gems tucked away on this album. “The Blue Pill” Which I’m guessing was influenced by Afterlife (or perhaps Chris Coco) has a wonderfully hypnotic synth and the soulful tones of Sarah Chappell. While the title track is pure beach chill out that slowly unravels guitar, flute and sax reminding me somewhat of the Project Club. Frazer Whitelock’s vocals don’t always work for me on the album. However, they really suit this and “Subway” a more piano house affair which reminded me of some of Chris Coco’s productions.
Despite the title this album isn’t as psychedelic as it sounds but we’re not all about the psychedelic anyway and this album certainly helps to reflect on those summer days in the dark and cold winter months.
Reviewed by Woodzee