Sunday, 29 September 2013

Guest Mix - Kirsty P

Kirsty considers herself a record collector rather than a DJ. However, the years of vinyl collecting and crate digging have paid dividends. Kirsty's selections (which can vary from present day Balearica and Cosmic Disco to 80’s Synth-Pop, Italo-Disco, New Beat, House and more) aired on her radio show  for "Deep Vibes" has lead to invitations to play at events as far afield as London, Manchester and Italy. 

In my opinion chill out as a genre is quite a blasé generalisation. In reality it’s in the ear of the beholder and various people can listen to completely different vibes to relax. Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to ask Kirsty to compile a selection of tracks she likes to play when chilling out. The result I think you’ll agree is more than apt for our blog.

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Banco De Gaia “All Sleeping” E.P. Review

Artist : Banco De Gaia

Title: All Sleeping

Label: Disco Gecko Recordings

Release Date: 21st September 2013

The original begins in a manner which reminds me of the field recording sound fx’s employed in Pink Floyds “Animals” and is soon joined by cinematic sounding synths and flutes reminding me why Toby Marks initially made such an impact when I first came across him on the Ambient Dub compliation’s of the early 90’s. I’d draw further comparison to Pink Floyd when the accompanying guitar enters the fold soon followed by a pleasant loop forming a cohesive ambient whole that as the title suggests sets a peaceful relaxing mood.

First up on the Re-Mix duties are California’s Desert Dwellers who immediately change the mood with a deep dubby bassline, glitchy wobbles and an Eastern undertone. The re-mix doesn’t really stand out as the same track. However, I have to say I like it. This is followed by Seb Taylor’s ambient project Hibernation which for me high-lights the cinematic sounds yet at the same time employs more bass with a tribal feel to the percussion in places. The final track is re-mixed by Mistrust which is a name I’ve only recently noticed has started to surface. This take is more dubby with sporadic beats where the original sounds at times seems to take a back seat only brought to the forefront in convenient places.

Overall, I’d say this is a well produced cinematic sounding piece of Eastern edged ambience that one has come to expect from the Banco De Gaia brand packaged with re-mixes where the artists have taken their time to think, rather than plugging for the obvious.

Reviewed by Woodzee

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Alucidnation “Aural Architecture” Review

Artist: Alucidnation

Title: Aural Architecture

Label: Interchill

Release Date: 24th September 2013

Aural Architextures is Bruce Bickerton’s follow up to his recent e.p. 03 (his first release for ten years). Bruce prides himself in his analogue approach to music avoiding plug-in’s and other gimmicks the result of this approach is a beautifully melodic journey filled with chilled piano chords and strings beautifully draped over ambient soundscapes.

I find it hard to pick stand out tracks on this release. But boy, does it work as a collective whole. In many ways this album gives a nod back to the ambient sounds of yesteryear, yet still captures your attention and most importantly achieves the desired relaxation and sets your mind adrift.

I’d highly recommend this album not only for the fans of his earlier releases on Big Chill Recordings but to anyone who loves melodic summer chill out sounds. Believe me you really can’t go wrong with this release it’s easily one of the best chill out albums I’ve heard this year.

Reviewed by Woodzee