Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Indidginus - Sab Kuch Milega review

Artist: Indidginus

Release: Sab Kuch Milega

Format: E.P.

Label: High Chai Recordings

Released: May 2012

It’s exactly a year since Michael Martin’s Indidginus first delved into dancehall and dub-step on his collaborative album release “Sofa Surfer”. The Sab Kuch Milega e.p. once again leaves the didgeridoo and trance firmly in the past and fuses dancehall, dub-step, drum-step and global bass.

The first track Arab Spring takes no prisoners with a hard hitting lyrical delivery which ensures this track is a dancehall floor-filler. Vajradanti is a slower low bass affair where the wonderful vocals of Nona Kalra obviously reflect Michael’s recent visit around India. The final track of the release Timewave Zero combines those electronic crescendo’s found on trance tracks in recent years with low bass twists and vocal samples which kind of reminds me of early Dynamix II.

Dub-Step often seems to be dissed by the older listeners and personally I feel that there’s quality dub-step out there. High-Chai recordings are definitely carving a niche fusion which isn’t strictly dub-step and if their sound grabs you this release slots in nicely.

Reviewed by Woodzee.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Kalpataru Tree - Lunminosophy Review

 After a full 2 years in the making Curtis Humphrey's new album 'Luminosophy' is finally complete.
The album has already received glowing reviews from the likes of Pathaan, Nova and Treavor Moontribe to name just a few.

It is evident just how much musical craftsmanship has gone in to producing it too.There are no fillers in Luminosophy and with each track averaging 8-9 minutes it is apparent the amount of heart and soul that has being poured into it.

The idea it seems behind the album is to create a listening experience that although unmixed creates a cohesive transitional journey that lifts the listener from the everyday state to a higher point of consciousness and in so doing healing and realigning the energies of the listener. There really is a tangible feeling of re-harmonising that comes from listening to the album as a whole. 

This is done through a subtle dance between warm emotive synths, gentle guitars, sprinkled dusted keys and psychedelic effects. All this is underpinned by earthy dub bass lines that effectively keep one rooted whilst the head is allowed to journey off into inner space.

The drums and percussion are top notch too. Intelligent programming and arrangement designed to complement the sound and just enough to create the amount of energy needed to propel the tracks forward.

The album opens with the liquid feeling of 'Art Official Nature' that develops from a bubbling stream of effects to a much more tangible yet still very subtle dub all intelligently crafted.

This sets the tone for the vibe of the album, however there is movement and individuality within each track for instance 'Naked Soul Dub' has a much more contemporary dub vibe to it.

The only vocals on the album are from 'I Can't Feel' but the ethereal quality to them means they compliment and don't interfere with the vibe created.

'Red Moon' closes Luminosophy with echoing synths and flutes that give voice to the ancient memories of the Earth creating a feeling of stillness and timelessness.

Luminosophy is more than a body of music albeit beautifully crafted music. It is healing in and of itself and I guarantee that you will feel more at peace from having immersed yourself within it.  

Review by CKA John

Luminosophy was released on the 30th of May 2012 and can be previewed and a digital copy purchased on the following link http://kalpatarutree.bandcamp.com/album/luminosophy-2