Monday, 23 July 2012

Sun Is Shining presents Terra Nine photos

Thanks to Mike (Terra Nine/Sirus Music), Claire (Intelliki) for the wonderful visuals, DJ's Robin Triskele, Jamez23 and all who came to our event @ the WatershedMK. There's more in the pipeline so hopefully we may see some new faces in the future. 

The debut E.P. from Sirius Music is now available from Altar Records

Thanks to Mike (Terra Nine), Claire (Intelliki Visuals), DJ's Robin Triskele, James (Jamez23) and all who came to our event @ the WatershedMK. There's more in the pipeline so hopefully we may see some new faces in the future.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Nickodemus - Moon People Review

Artist: Nickodemus

Title: Moon People

Label: Wonderwheel Recordings

Released: June 2012

Back when I was a youth I used to have a friend where I would go and smoke herbal cigarettes and listen to music very loudly until the ‘wee small hours’ (Very liberal parents). I would then stagger, sometimes on my own, sometime with other friends, homeward bound.

The journey home would mean walking down an alley way. This always caused a great deal of trepidation (heightened no doubt by the copious amount of herb inhaled)! This anxiety was no mere figment of the imagination but one born of bitter experience. The Knowledge that sooner or later ‘Nickodemus- the Devil dog’ would jump out and scare the shit out of us!!!

Nickodemus was a stray dog that used to frequent this area of the estate with the seeming avowed mission to terrify stoned youths! Thankfully this is a far from that mangy old cur as you could wish to get. Which is a good thing really.

This Nickodemus began his career back in 1996 in NYC as a resident DJ of the legendary Giant Step & Organic Groove nights. Two years later, he started Turntables on the Hudson with partners Mariano & Nappy G on percussion.  Turntables quickly gained fame for its eclectic open- minded music & and feel-good crowd. The party is still going strong by all accounts.

As a producer, Nickodemus creates music from all parts of the World fusing Latin, Jazz, Hip-Hop and whatever else takes his fancy.  He has 3 albums entitles "Endangered Species" (2005), "Sun People" (2009) & "Moon People" (2012).

I must admit that I’ve not heard the previous two albums but have seriously caned ‘Moon People’ since receiving - it is SUPERB.

This is music of the highest order played and produced with warmth and a sheer joy that is a delight to hear. I’m not exaggerating to say that the more I hear this album the more I love it.
The choice of vocalist’s is spot on from The Real Live Show, Candela All Stars, Sammy Ayala, Kissy Asplund to the mighty Afrika Bambataa (although truth be told I have to admit that Bambataa’s track is probably the weakest of the lot...but not by much)!

These vocal tracks are interspersed with instrumentals that really hit the spot- ‘Nights of Balour’, current single ‘Alruccabah' and the truly wonderful ‘Vino People’. A track so uplifting that the NHS should offer it free on prescription. If this track does not make you want to get up and dance like a loon then frankly you are beyond redemption!

As in his previous albums Nickodemus sticks to the style that he obviously knows so well- hip hop, dance grooves and warm Latin jazz infusions. It obviously works so why change it? This is a good time album-Music to make you dance with a wide smile upon your face.

I will be checking out Nickodemus’ other two albums and I would urge you to beat a hasty path to your local purveyor of bespoke tuneage (or order on ‘tinternet) and purchase this wonderful album. Beats getting chased down an alley by a dog!!!!

Reviewed by Matthew Foord

"Moon People" comes out June 19th 2012. It features collaborations with Afrika Bambaataa, The Real Live Show, Navegante, Belleruche & many more of the cast from his previous albums. He's also working on "A Global Minute" which features MC's from 10 cities combined with video & paintings by Justin Carty. 

Nickodemus "Moon People" album promo video 2012 from Nickodemus on Vimeo.