Sunday, 26 August 2012

Easy Star All-Stars "Thrillah" review

Artist: Easy Star All-Stars

Release:  Thrillah

Label: Easy Star Records

Release: 28th August 2012

The Easy-Star All-Stars collective caused somewhat of a buzz with their first cover album “Dub Side of the Moon” a reggae-dub take of the Pink Floyd classic. That and the re-mixed “Dubber Side of the Moon” really worked for me.  The follow up album “Radiodread” once again a reggae-dub twist  this time of Radiohead’s “OK Computer”  didn’t appeal as much although “Karma Police” is probably my favourite Easy-Star track of all I far preferred "the Bends" album. By the time they covered the Beatles “Sgt Pepper” album the novelty to me had begun to wane so how would they fare with the biggest selling album of all-time Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” I remember when they first screened the video in the UK it didn’t cause somewhat of a buzz it caused an absolute sensation! I don’t think a single kid in my school wasn’t talking about it.

I think this has been a brave step by Goldwasser, Smith and Oppenheimer die hard fans could cry sacrilege or it could be there biggest hit to date? You certainly can’t fault the production quality of the Easy Star recordings and they have drafted in some fine reggae vocalists such as Michael Rose (Black Uhuru) and Luciano but for me it doesn’t quite work with some of the bigger hits from the album especially with “Beat It!” and "You Wanna Be Starting Something" is more funky than reggae. Although “Human Nature” is very listenable and Mojo Morgan & Steel Pulse do a grand job of putting a reggae vibe to "The Girl is Mine". I guess as always you have to listen for yourself and it will appeal to some.

Reviewed by Woodzee

Monday, 13 August 2012

Sirius Music - Lotus E.P. Review

Artist: Sirius Music

Release: Lotus 

Format: 6 track E.P.

Label: Altar Records

Released: August 2012

Having hosted a Terra Nine gig I was fortunate to have a sneak preview of Mike Westcott’s new progressive project Sirius Music in a live environment. Where I was able to gauge not only my response but how fans and people new to Mike’s music re-acted.

This project is aimed at taking the Terra Nine sound to the dance floor and in my opinion that’s no surprising leap. I’ve always felt the vibe of his music was much akin to some of System 7’s material, ambient trance with lush organic strings.

The chilled vibe and viola is still very prominent in tracks like “Axitonal” although the beat is more pounding and the bassline’s more driven. While others such as “Vortex” are balanced with more haunting dark layers and from what I witnessed the crowd lapped it up.

Reviewed by Woodzee

Shawn Lee - Synthesizers In Space Review

Artist: Shawn Lee

Release: Synthesizers In Space

Format: Album

Label: ESL

Released: August 2012

There’s definitely a retro vibe going on here. A real melting pot of 70’s funk, psychedelica, vintage synths (which reminded me of Faze Action’s selection for the Abstract Funk Theory compilation), funky hip-hop breaks, and T-Rex’ish glam rock.

At times the tracks seem to use simple riffs which add to the retro sound. It also at times gives a raw amateur feel but this is quite deceptive because he layers the tracks so perfectly he could also be described as somewhat of a genius.

I have to admit this isn’t currently what I normally listen to and possibly isn’t in vogue (but you shouldn’t care about that). I’m not convinced the track listing on the promo is accurate as “Low Riders in Space” sounds far more like “Celestial Waltz” than “Celestial Waltz”. I get the feelin’ this release could well appeal to fans of the Cosmic Disco and Ninja Tune alike.

Review by Woodzee

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Ojos De Brujo - Reworked Review

Artist: Ojos De Brujo

Title: Re-Worked

Label: Urban World

Release Date: July 2012

Ojos De Brujo meaning 'eye of the sorcerer or eye of the wizard certainly sees deeper than most.

Hailing from Barcelona and influenced by their flamenco roots Ojos De Brujo bring to the musical fore their foundation of sun soaked beats and fiery latin rhythms. Al Lindrum (Loveavalanche) compiles and combines an album that hilights Ojos De Brujos brilliance eclectically fused with remix cohorts from Junkyard Productions with their dub infused interpretations through to the down tempo stylings of Emprisarios..

The beauty about Marina 'Carillias' Abads emotive lyrics is that you don't have to be versed in Spanish to understand the intent behind them. A long time advocate for social change and a voice for injustice Marina's truth sings through any language barrier..

The whole album has a conglomerate of remixers who do justice to the original foundational sound of Ojos De Brujo.. From the aforementioned intro dub track to the half way through dark and murky remix from Love Avalanche. Combine this with some tidy D&B and you have an album that encompasses all genre's 

Took me a second listen to fully appreciate this one..but now i'm truly hooked