Monday, 13 August 2012

Shawn Lee - Synthesizers In Space Review

Artist: Shawn Lee

Release: Synthesizers In Space

Format: Album

Label: ESL

Released: August 2012

There’s definitely a retro vibe going on here. A real melting pot of 70’s funk, psychedelica, vintage synths (which reminded me of Faze Action’s selection for the Abstract Funk Theory compilation), funky hip-hop breaks, and T-Rex’ish glam rock.

At times the tracks seem to use simple riffs which add to the retro sound. It also at times gives a raw amateur feel but this is quite deceptive because he layers the tracks so perfectly he could also be described as somewhat of a genius.

I have to admit this isn’t currently what I normally listen to and possibly isn’t in vogue (but you shouldn’t care about that). I’m not convinced the track listing on the promo is accurate as “Low Riders in Space” sounds far more like “Celestial Waltz” than “Celestial Waltz”. I get the feelin’ this release could well appeal to fans of the Cosmic Disco and Ninja Tune alike.

Review by Woodzee

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