Monday, 13 August 2012

Sirius Music - Lotus E.P. Review

Artist: Sirius Music

Release: Lotus 

Format: 6 track E.P.

Label: Altar Records

Released: August 2012

Having hosted a Terra Nine gig I was fortunate to have a sneak preview of Mike Westcott’s new progressive project Sirius Music in a live environment. Where I was able to gauge not only my response but how fans and people new to Mike’s music re-acted.

This project is aimed at taking the Terra Nine sound to the dance floor and in my opinion that’s no surprising leap. I’ve always felt the vibe of his music was much akin to some of System 7’s material, ambient trance with lush organic strings.

The chilled vibe and viola is still very prominent in tracks like “Axitonal” although the beat is more pounding and the bassline’s more driven. While others such as “Vortex” are balanced with more haunting dark layers and from what I witnessed the crowd lapped it up.

Reviewed by Woodzee

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