Sunday, 13 January 2013

Citta Flow - With Intention Review

Artist: Citta Flow

Title: With Intention E.P.

Label: Invibe Music

Release: 15th January 2013

Hailing from Seattle Citta Flow utilise instruments from around the world with electronic production. Combining the past with the present with the notion to create music infused with a mindfulness towards internal depths, spacious meditation, and alchemically healing intentions.

I felt the acoustics and ambient vocal tones of first track “Space Voodoo” was very much akin to the sounds of Lauge & Baba Gnohm and probably a track I would utilise in a chillout set. “Roots Voyage” begins with a more tribal feel accompanied by a didgeridoo this drops in places and the acoustic guitar is back accompanied by celtic sounding vocal tones. The title track “Intention” is the only true song of the e.p. and again has a celtic feel to it. These days I listen to far more instrumentals and it didn’t appeal as much to me (but I guess there are plenty of people out there who prefer a song). “Gaia Journey” is another tribal/didge no with some lovely vocal tones and Native American flute sounds. The E.P. closes with the Cosmos Mix of “Waiting For The Storm” which combines funky acoustics, flutes and more notable percussion.

Overall the E.P. is quite nice for kicking back and relaxing to and if you prefer the organic and global elements why not have a listen …

Reviewed by Woodzee

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Akasha - Into The Web Review

Artist : Akasha

EP: Into The Web

Label: Dubmission Records

Release Date: 13th February 2013

Akasha or the Akasha Experience (not to be confused with confused with Germany’s Akasha Project) is the psychedelic dub project of Shane Harris and Babak Rezvani, who have been creating and releasing music in the South-West of England since 2010.

Whether you attribute the beginnings to the post-punk dub’s of Ruts DC or Killing Joke, On U-Sound or the Orb. Psy-Dub as a genre has been around a fair while and as with any genre some artists stand out. Now, although they may not have been around very long, with tracks like “The Chain” and PFM’s re-mix of “Brown Sugar” Akasha have made an instant impact.

 I was already familiar with a couple of the tracks on here. The closing track “Smoke Signals” for instance was available to listen to on-line early last year and at the time I desperately wanted a copy. Well all good things come to those who wait … J

In my opinion there’s really no need to talk you through track by track. For those of you familiar with Dubmission Records this is them back doing what they do best … releasing quality psychedelic dub. The whole E.P. is a wonderfully dubby, psychedelic tapestry with touches of the Orient. So if that’s your brew click the link below and open your ears.

Review by Woodzee

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Pete Ardron & Samantha Ray - Interuterion Review

Artist: Pete Ardron & Samantha Ray

Title: Interuterion

Label: Pink Hampster Recordings

Release Date: December 2012

I was more than slightly intrigued to listen to this album. Samanta’s vocals within Orchid-Star are stunning and the power of her voice for me is most apparent in the track “Passion” this release takes you to the other side of the pendulum and the titles couldn’t be more apt.
Serenity originally produced in 2003 it was used in 2005 as the musical core to Simon Rogers' exhibition Water Feature and in 2010 as the soundtrack to Collision Course by Carmelo Musca of CM Films and Garry Stewart of the Australian Dance Theatre.
Reverie Uses recordings from sessions for both Orchid-Star and Sam and Pete's opera-fusion project (out in 2013) Reverie focuses more on Sam's voice as both a richly varied solo instrument and a phenomenal sound-source to manipulate.
Pete compares the two pieces to a lake and a river the first a static environment and the second a flowing journey. For me both tracks achieve their goal in the sense that setting aside half an hour to listen to either track completely relaxed me before the end. I can only imagine this is what it feels like to have a half hour session in a floatation tank.
Musically (and indeed vocally) I enjoyed“Reverie” more. For me this track "seemed" to hold more of a human element, while in fact the whole composition of this release was made utilising only the human voice. Exploring and experimenting with the beautiful tones and heavenly choral aspects of Samanta’s voice Pete creates two tracks that could easily be confused for a choral and synthetic fusion

My verdict if you’re looking to escape the beats and listen to something more meditative and healing for the body and mind you can’t go wrong here it’s a fantastic collaboration by two amazingly talented artists.

Review by Woodzee