Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Akasha - Into The Web Review

Artist : Akasha

EP: Into The Web

Label: Dubmission Records

Release Date: 13th February 2013

Akasha or the Akasha Experience (not to be confused with confused with Germany’s Akasha Project) is the psychedelic dub project of Shane Harris and Babak Rezvani, who have been creating and releasing music in the South-West of England since 2010.

Whether you attribute the beginnings to the post-punk dub’s of Ruts DC or Killing Joke, On U-Sound or the Orb. Psy-Dub as a genre has been around a fair while and as with any genre some artists stand out. Now, although they may not have been around very long, with tracks like “The Chain” and PFM’s re-mix of “Brown Sugar” Akasha have made an instant impact.

 I was already familiar with a couple of the tracks on here. The closing track “Smoke Signals” for instance was available to listen to on-line early last year and at the time I desperately wanted a copy. Well all good things come to those who wait … J

In my opinion there’s really no need to talk you through track by track. For those of you familiar with Dubmission Records this is them back doing what they do best … releasing quality psychedelic dub. The whole E.P. is a wonderfully dubby, psychedelic tapestry with touches of the Orient. So if that’s your brew click the link below and open your ears.

Review by Woodzee


emmdragon said...

Storming! NIce one Woodzee! :) :) :) This is indeed a Superb album! Great review! Agreed was eagerly waiting for this one, Smoke Signals is Excellent :) ... Gotta say Blow Pipe REally hit me too! What a TRack! ... the whole album best played Loud ;D

woodzee said...

Still lovin' your dub then Emma :)