Monday, 11 April 2016

Alpha Wave Movement 'Kinetic' Review


Alpha Wave Movement




Harmonious Resonance Recordings


April 10th

The album begins with the title track and if I didn't know better I'd easily be fooled into believing that it's a Tangerine Dream track from the 80's. Gregory has perfected the sound to a tee from the lush synths and sequences and not forgetting the all-important guitar. Moving on 'Dark Meridan' combines choral voices and a stabbing bass-line with harmonious keys creating a dream like atmosphere that also seems to nod back to yesteryear reminding me somewhat of the Yellow Magic Orchestra. Whilst 'Machine Mambo' combines atmospheric synths and digital rhythms with a slight eastern tinge.

The vintage vibe continues with 'D.E.I. (Direct Emotional Interface) once again reminiscent of TD or Klaus Schulze both in the elongated beat-less intro and when the slow paced electronic beat kicks in. I'm finding elements of Kraftwerk and YMO with a sprinkling of Ozric's in 'Anoraxis' whereas 'Synergistic Highway' begins in a more foreboding manner the light soon shines through in a similar fashion.

Atmospheric thunder leads us into a more dubby affair with a slightly Parisian like feel on 'Ecotez' and finally to close the proceedings 'Metronomy' runs looping sequences with deep synths settling somewhere between Ozrics and Pink Floyd.

Overall this is a really solid album from Alpha Wave Movement that truly reflects the synthesized music of yesteryear in a glorious fashion. A fashion that pays homage and doesn't fail in the quality of the tracks in the slightest.

Reviewed by Woodzee


Saturday, 9 April 2016

Dr. Trippy 'Indubian E.P.' Review

Artist: Dr. Trippy

Title: Indubian

Label: Disco Gecko

Released: 29th April

Another E.P. of his self-titled Punjabi Swamp Music comes in conjunction with two live shows at the end of this month: The King Arthur in Glastonbury on Saturday April 30th and a free show a The Plough Inn in Easton, Bristol on Sunday May 1st.

The good Doctor begins with 'Amber and the Snakecharmer' where a synth intro leads into distorted flutes and an Indian vocal before the reggae M.C. takes over with accompaniment by the snake charmer which is later joined by some female vocals and overall provides a nice introduction to the release. This is followed by 'Raj Against The Machine' which kicks off with some tablas before a melting pot of electronic fusion packed full of Jamacian and Indian vibes with some vocal snippets that we've come to expect of the Dr. Trippy sound.

The next track '1215' takes a somewhat slow n heavy approach where dubbed out male vocals clash with the female before an Indian male choral takes over. This leads us to 'Who Know's' which begins far more melodic than the previous tracks. That is until the scratching kicks in and the piece jumps to life with lots of sequenced loops and a grating glitchy undertone. The E.P. comes to a close with 'Holey Moley' a slow paced number again injected with Indian and Jamaican vocals and a soothing sax .. just what the doctor ordered.

For me this release didn't have quite the same impact as his last one 'Punjabi Swamp Music' that said it's not a bad little selection of tracks to add to the collection.

Reviewed by Woodzee.


* Available through Bandcamp now and the regular outlets on the aforementioned date.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Animat 'Slip Into Gold' Review

Artist: Animat

Title: Slip Into Gold

Label: Disco Gecko

Released: 29th April

This new single from Sheffields ambient audio/visual outfit Animat comprises contrasting warm sounds (that you expect from the title) against dubbed out funk with a slight live band feel and eerie voices that seem more fitting to a haunted bleak industrial wasteland. Yet somehow, it all seems to gel together perfectly.

This is followed by 'While You Were Away' a lovely sun soaked piece with a chilled Balearic feel that could quite easily have been the title track. There's a touch of an orchestral mood to it and they flirt with dub in places and some nice guitar licks for good measure.

On re-mix duties is San Francisco's D.F. Tram whose cut and paste style mixes of bargain bucket finds, cartoon snippets and psychedelic monologue from TV and film are becoming a regular source of entertainment for myself. Here he takes 'Slip Into Gold' and adds some George W. Bush samples adds a little more kick to the bass and elongates the warmth of the original and peppers it with a little harmonica. My advice kick back and soak up the sound.

Review by Woodzee