Monday, 22 February 2016

mctfhg 'Space E.P.' Review




Space E.P.


Dubmission Records


14th February

This fresh release is a collaboration between mctfhg and Winconstan based artist Carlos Schmitt ( where if you're so inclined you can actually buy a certified acrylic of his piece 'Time Travel with a Space Centipede' upon which this releases artwork is based.

Moving back to the music the tracks here are more in line with the traditional 7" and 12” singles time frame than the elongated 18 minute journeys of his previous release 'Materials'. As the title suggests the space theme still remains however, this is a more melodic journey overall beginning with the laid back 'Deep Groove' which is perfect hammock material, easing into 'Grand Scheme' that sounds somewhat like a game of Galaxian layered over an 80's digital dub with a contrasting yet fitting mellow piano breakdown. The rest of the E.P. maintains the mood of the first track throughout climaxing with the looped sequences of the ambient dub'esque 'Tangential Spaces'.

To summarise this release is simply a collection of pleasant laid back dubs that would do the trick on a lazy sunny afternoon and at a mere £3 for 6 tracks a bargain to boot.

Review by Woodzee