Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Spiral System - Be Review

Artist: Spiral System

Title: Be

Label: Interchill

Release Date: 20th June 2013

This is the second album release for London duo Joe Crisp and Cliff Ovenden a.k.a. Spiral System. Not having experienced their debut I could only form my pre-conception on their track “Pascals Journey” featured on Interchill’s recent “Depth Charge” compilation. Now although that was one of my choice tracks from that release I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by what I discovered. I’m more than guilty of playing a lot of instrumental tracks (and there’s a fair few on here) but a few tracks feature the vocals of Lottie Child and they set me in mind of late 90’s lounge such as Groove Armada, Morcheeba and Zero 7 which were thoroughly enjoyable.

This release is definitely one for chilling on a sunny day or “one for the hammock” as I like to say. The album progresses through funky electronics, acoustic lounge, dreamy dub blended with subtle latin rhythms to full on bossa nova employing Stephen and Ivan Hussey from the Urban Soul Orchestra on strings and Rowland Sutherland on flute adds to the overall organic feel of the album. So if like me you thought you hadn’t heard Joe and Cliff’s productions you could well be mistaken as they also run Spiral Music making original media productions for global brands such as Adidas, Nike, Sony and Pringles amongst others. So if you're looking for a chilled summer soundtrack why not give it a listen? Perhaps, like me you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Review by Woodzee.


Sunday, 9 June 2013

E.R.S. Digital Rituals E.P. Review

Artist: ERS

Title: Digital Rituals

Label: Dubmission Records

Release Date: 3rd June 2013

Well I must confess I knew nothing of E.R.S previously and I didn't get this on the first listen but given another chance, with the sun beaming down it proper works.

It starts with the title track 'Digital Rituals' with it’s dark brooding bass and sinister stomping hooves from the four horse men, accompanied by disjointed vocals, lost. Then dub skank comes in full effect with 'Get Ready To Fly' but in a playful cosmic way that reminds me of Shawn Lee. It then drops down into minimal peppered beats and warm swathes of synths that is 'And Here I Am' that has that Kick Bong feel to it ... A primer for part two part (one of the bonus tracks available on Bandcamp).

The main body of the E.P. continues with the twelve minute opus that is 'Evolution Of A Funky Mind' It's like a seventies car chase slowed right the hell down with lazy funk guitar. Pure dub without the bass! The final track 'Firedance' cranks up the tempo in a tribal style. All drum & percussion and voices round the fire. Then the switch! I won't give it away but it totally works and believe me you'll love it!  I'll leave the rest to you the listener.

Review by CKA John