Friday, 8 April 2016

Animat 'Slip Into Gold' Review

Artist: Animat

Title: Slip Into Gold

Label: Disco Gecko

Released: 29th April

This new single from Sheffields ambient audio/visual outfit Animat comprises contrasting warm sounds (that you expect from the title) against dubbed out funk with a slight live band feel and eerie voices that seem more fitting to a haunted bleak industrial wasteland. Yet somehow, it all seems to gel together perfectly.

This is followed by 'While You Were Away' a lovely sun soaked piece with a chilled Balearic feel that could quite easily have been the title track. There's a touch of an orchestral mood to it and they flirt with dub in places and some nice guitar licks for good measure.

On re-mix duties is San Francisco's D.F. Tram whose cut and paste style mixes of bargain bucket finds, cartoon snippets and psychedelic monologue from TV and film are becoming a regular source of entertainment for myself. Here he takes 'Slip Into Gold' and adds some George W. Bush samples adds a little more kick to the bass and elongates the warmth of the original and peppers it with a little harmonica. My advice kick back and soak up the sound.

Review by Woodzee


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