Sunday, 13 January 2013

Citta Flow - With Intention Review

Artist: Citta Flow

Title: With Intention E.P.

Label: Invibe Music

Release: 15th January 2013

Hailing from Seattle Citta Flow utilise instruments from around the world with electronic production. Combining the past with the present with the notion to create music infused with a mindfulness towards internal depths, spacious meditation, and alchemically healing intentions.

I felt the acoustics and ambient vocal tones of first track “Space Voodoo” was very much akin to the sounds of Lauge & Baba Gnohm and probably a track I would utilise in a chillout set. “Roots Voyage” begins with a more tribal feel accompanied by a didgeridoo this drops in places and the acoustic guitar is back accompanied by celtic sounding vocal tones. The title track “Intention” is the only true song of the e.p. and again has a celtic feel to it. These days I listen to far more instrumentals and it didn’t appeal as much to me (but I guess there are plenty of people out there who prefer a song). “Gaia Journey” is another tribal/didge no with some lovely vocal tones and Native American flute sounds. The E.P. closes with the Cosmos Mix of “Waiting For The Storm” which combines funky acoustics, flutes and more notable percussion.

Overall the E.P. is quite nice for kicking back and relaxing to and if you prefer the organic and global elements why not have a listen …

Reviewed by Woodzee

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