Friday, 1 February 2013

Kiwi - On The Move Review


Artist: Kiwi

Album: On The Move

Label: Self Release

Released: Jan 2013

Coming from New Jersey NY this eight piece reggae unit would have you believing (through the warm sunny feel of the music) that they come from much warmer climes. Although, their lead singer Alex Tea. Has probably brought some musical influence to the band from his time spent in Brazil.

The bedrock and overall feel of the album is built around traditional reggae rhythms but within this the band explore and play with different style's (blues, soul, jazz), and also different tempo's and instrumentation. Yet none of these excursions ever lose the overall chilled vibe of the album, there is even the beat less Eno’esque excursion 'Expanse' that also works with its rising and falling strings.

Then it’s right back to the skankin once more with that soulful tight horn section and accomplished rhythm, guitar. With Alex even singing in what I believe to be Brazilian Portuguese. If I was to compare them to someone then most definitely Bob Marley and The Wailers or The Skatalites spring to mind but there is no direct copying of sound, just influence. With all this diversity of genre's and tempo you may think that the album wouldn't have an overall cohesive feel to it but it does.

Further to this Alex's voice and intelligent lyrics add extra depth to each song. Kiwi to my mind, have created a great album of reggae tunes but with an added dimension to them. I'd strongly recommend it especially with summer just round the corner.

Reviewed by CKA John

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