Sunday, 5 August 2012

Ojos De Brujo - Reworked Review

Artist: Ojos De Brujo

Title: Re-Worked

Label: Urban World

Release Date: July 2012

Ojos De Brujo meaning 'eye of the sorcerer or eye of the wizard certainly sees deeper than most.

Hailing from Barcelona and influenced by their flamenco roots Ojos De Brujo bring to the musical fore their foundation of sun soaked beats and fiery latin rhythms. Al Lindrum (Loveavalanche) compiles and combines an album that hilights Ojos De Brujos brilliance eclectically fused with remix cohorts from Junkyard Productions with their dub infused interpretations through to the down tempo stylings of Emprisarios..

The beauty about Marina 'Carillias' Abads emotive lyrics is that you don't have to be versed in Spanish to understand the intent behind them. A long time advocate for social change and a voice for injustice Marina's truth sings through any language barrier..

The whole album has a conglomerate of remixers who do justice to the original foundational sound of Ojos De Brujo.. From the aforementioned intro dub track to the half way through dark and murky remix from Love Avalanche. Combine this with some tidy D&B and you have an album that encompasses all genre's 

Took me a second listen to fully appreciate this one..but now i'm truly hooked 

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