Sunday, 29 September 2013

Guest Mix - Kirsty P

Kirsty considers herself a record collector rather than a DJ. However, the years of vinyl collecting and crate digging have paid dividends. Kirsty's selections (which can vary from present day Balearica and Cosmic Disco to 80’s Synth-Pop, Italo-Disco, New Beat, House and more) aired on her radio show  for "Deep Vibes" has lead to invitations to play at events as far afield as London, Manchester and Italy. 

In my opinion chill out as a genre is quite a blasé generalisation. In reality it’s in the ear of the beholder and various people can listen to completely different vibes to relax. Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to ask Kirsty to compile a selection of tracks she likes to play when chilling out. The result I think you’ll agree is more than apt for our blog.

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