Sunday, 2 October 2011

DJ Fada Interview

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1) Which artists or parties inspired you to d.j. in the psy-chill and progressive styles?

I have been involved with the electronic music parties since 2003 when I started working with decor ( back drops, psychedelic fluorescents etc.) in Vitória / Espírito Santo (Artfluor Deco It was also where the electronic psy scene was in fact established in my city, the parties were overflowing at weekends.

Over time, there was a need to create an alternative environment in some parties, so chillout started to appear here. We began to take care of chillout because we were among the few who knew and loved this style of music. In the beginning I appreciated some artists like Shpongle, Talvin Sighn, Apollo 440, Aural Planet, Saafi Brothers, Hallucinogen, among others. After the test of time with several studies of the genre, my passion for chillout was strengthened by having contact with Aes Dana, Asura, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Electrypnose, Entheogenic, Cell, Master Margherita, Androcell, Distant System, Solar Fields and many others who actually create pleasurable sensations with sound, or music that affects the deep conscious, taking the listener into a state of reflection and personal development.

In 2006 after becoming tired of hearing the same style of sound that most djs always insisted on playing in the more dance floor orientated scene. I found the progressive sound to be more modest than full on psy and very nice to dance to. Then I discovered the dark progressive or psygressive style released by the artist “Sensient” and decided that this was exactly the sound I wanted to play. In fact I was the first dj to play this style in my city. It took years to buy equipment and expand my contacts and it was at that point things started to fall in place. Now I'm at the stage of pulling all my experiences together and displaying this with my sets.

2) Your name “Fada” translated into English means “Fairy” how did that name come about?

It was Rabana my husband and working partner who gave me this nickname. He always had a passion about fairies and always painted them in his art. When we met he looked at me and declared that I was like a fairy and asked if he could call me that. So all our friends here and all the people I know call me this as well ... if you ask for Andreia Mendes nobody know who I am, Fada has become my name.

3) How do you see music evolving in the future?

It is difficult to provide you with any direction or trend. As electronic music, especially, became a manifestation of sound, mixed with other styles and instruments, producing infinite combinations of probabilities. I believe that music can operate according to our personal development as a vehicle for synchronization with the universe. I admire the studies of the Akasha Project on universal vibration, how to define the sound of the universe and how it is based upon ourselves. All this is well explained in his site (

4) For anyone visting Brazil which parties or festivals would you recommend and why?

Because Brazil is a very large country, there are many festivals for various occasions which appeal to various sections of our society. There’s the New Year's festival, Universe Paralello ( that occurs in summer in the ocean coast of Bahia. There’s the Cachoeira Alta festival ( which is surrounded by waterfalls and mountains, located inland in the Minas Gerais State. Also in Minas they have the Samsara Festival ( / samsarafestival). And to the north, in Maranhão, is the Festival Fora do Tempo or Out of Time Festival ( that values the Mayan culture and is on the edge of a river and close to the natural caves. I could not leave out Trancendence (, one of the most traditional Brazilian festivals and the heart of Goiás. In Brazil there are areas of Cerrado (savanna) at any time of year there will be a festival somewhere there.

5) Do you play many home grown artists in your sets? If so, which ones would you recommend?

I'd recommend
among others.

6) Where can people hear you d.j. this year?

At celebrations of the Espírito Santo primarily, Foro De Tempo, Shivarati dance festival. I will disclose more when it is confirmed on my myspace page. Incidently, it is far easier for Brazilian underground artists to be heard in other countries than here in our own.

7) Have you or do you have any plans to release music of your own?

Yeah, sure. I learnt music production and have taken many exams. I'm still baptizing the projects and preparing for a few tracks of psy chillout & psygressive that I will be announcing in the not to distant future.

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