Sunday, 2 October 2011

Jiang Liang Interview

When I came across Jiang Liang on Sly & Robbies Myspace friends. I immediately took notice of the traditional reggae and dub vibe of tracks like "Kong" and "Ye Gou Shan" as well as what this artist is trying to accomplish. I hope you can take the time to read the interview and listen to his music. I think this guy could make an impact on the reggae scene in the future.

1. Which artists inspired you to work with the Reggae sound?

Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Sly & Robbie, King Tubby,etc.....At the beginning, I like roots reggae very much. Then, I was interested in DUB and music of instrumental performance.

2. You say you aim to make Reggae big in China. With such a vast population that sounds like a big task. Are there any Reggae radio shows in China that would reach the rural communities or do you hope to achieve this with live performances?

In China, people rarely listen to radio shows. The source of information and the ways Chinese people getting to know different kinds of music are TV, Internet, magazines, CDs, live performances. I do hope to achieve my goal with live performances. But, recently, I am playing music all by myself. I am playing all the instruments and recording my own music all by myself. I am need people to play with me. I am really longing for finding some musicians to play with me as a band. I am looking for help and support. So far, Reggae is not a major popular music in China yet, coz there is a large number of people don’t know about reggae. At the beginning, it’s hard to get reggae into the major media in China. But, I still see a big market for reggae in China. There are already so many people are crazy about reggae music and this kind of culture, especially among the young generation. Everyone who has ever listened to or gets to know reggae falls in love with this music. I am sure there will be more and more people in China love reggae. I am very confident about the success of reggae in China. So I hope to promote reggae as a way of life and a culture. it’s very fresh to Chinese people.

3. Where can people hear and purchase your music?

Recently, people can only hear my music on My space. I am looking for producers or records companies who could co-operate with me or publish my music.I would also like to learn more ways to let more and more people to get to know China’s reggae music.

4. Which artists are currently impressing you?

There are so many, any good music or musician would impress me. I like listening to various kinds of music, in addition to reggae. In China, listening to music is the best chance to study music. I am craving for the chance to see the authentic reggae masters perform live in person and communicate with other outstanding artists.

5. Which clubs/venues would you recommend for people visiting China?

I'd like to recommend a town called Yangshuo. Yangshuo(part of Guilin city) is a world famous small town in China. I am living here now. Coz, personally, I don't prefer the life of the big city. Here is a peaceful countryside with one of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. It's one of the most popular attractions in China and a must-see place for all the travelers coming to China. Yangshuo is also a great place for creation and composition for all the artists. Where it gives you a lot of inspirations. There is also a reggae bar here by the name of KAYA,If you search “Yangshuo” in internet, you will find a lot of information and great pictures about this place.

6. Do you prefer to use synthetic or organic instruments?

I like either. I like to use both of them depending on my tracks. I play guitar and bass and make the rythum and percussion with my laptop. sometimes I use synthetic and organic at the same time. I don’t usually spend much time on choosing the sounds. I emphasize more on the substance of music.

7. In which direction do you see style of Reggae music heading in the future?

I think reggae music could be merged with many other music styles. I hope I can make my reggae with Chinese music style and music melody. I hope reggae will develop and be varied while keeping the roots. Personally, I haven’t got to know about the situation of reggae in other countries. But in China, if I could receive some support and help, I am very confident that the development, achievement and success will be seen.

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Charles Perez a.k.a. Didjelirium said...

Yessie !!!

Nice one for picking up Jiang Liang, this guy is indeed the few ones to push reggae music from inside China, and i love his dub !! Indeed, reggae is growing here (in China) and it'll blow eventually !

I'm part of the Uprooted Sunshine
and we're playing in Yangshuo with Jiang Liang during our 5 years birthday tour, starting in a bit more than a week. Selector Twice and Clive Chin, from VP Records, are coming with us as well, so it's gonna be around 10 people touring China for 2 weeks, spreading quality reggae music everywhere we'll go, with the help of local reggae soldiers and with a monument of reggae music as our main host !

Check the link for more infos and thanks again for noticing reggae music growth in China ! ;)

Blessings from the Mainland !