Sunday, 2 October 2011

Maria Joao Interview

Exclusive Artist Interview - Maria Joao (& the Sound Strippers)

Solo artist, former member of Kamel Nitrate & Glow amongst others and manager of various world music fusion acts

1. Who are your major influences on your music and why?

Well many, many influences, many artists alive and not alive today have influenced me since a little girl. Where do I start? Music is just infinite. From someone like Amalia Rodrigues to Frank Zappa, Blondie to Goran Bregovich. Extremely different artists but so interesting and riveting and innovators of music. I'm always astounded and inspired when listening to amazing music from all corners of the world.

2. How would you describe your sound and where can people hear your music?

I find that very difficult to answer, describing my sound, as I don't only do one genre, in fact I don't even think of genre, I just do it!! I can say that my tastes are very eclectic. It comes from the all the far corners of the world and everywhere and my brain waves. What sounds 'right' to my ears and my heart, goes! If I tried really hard to describe my sound, I think it would go something like this; global/world addictive electronica sensual grooves and moods, psychedelic colours and smooth sexy looks with exotica funk flavours. Will that do? I like to experiment with sound alot and beats, creating moods and making people feel something. At mo, I'm doing my solo album and all going well, you will be able to hear my music in all good record stores once the project is finished and released ... soon.

3. What other genres interest you and would you incorporate them into your music in the future?

I love all genres, as long as it is good music and yes, I would pick elements and blend them with mine. Whether it'll be reggae, classical, mongol, rap, disco (yes, I said disco!), trance, rock etc. I have an open and curious musical mind, so no limits, no frontiers, no barriers.

4. Which club nights, festivals would you recommend to others?

As festivals go, I would recommend Womad, Glastonbury, Larmer Tree, Big Green Gathering etc Club nights, Synergy in London Bridge which had to stop their wonderful variety of art and music due to some legal battle of who owns the name. Whirl-Y-Gig for their world of colour and music. Planet Angel, there's plenty of others, I could go on and on and ...

5. If you had the opportunity to headline the jazz stage at Glastonbury. But were also invited to play for the Queen at the same time. Which would you choose?

Ah, interesting, funnily enough we were invited to play at the jazz stage at Glastonbury but due to someone's inability to inform us of this opportunity (no names here but you know who you are, you twat! Just Kidding!), we didn't get back to ehm in time and so, we just lost that slot. But answering the question, mmmmh, difficult really because all I'm thinking about is which one would give you more exposure. Sorry music makers and music fans but artists have to earn a living and be a bit business orientated so that we don't end up in tents all our lives he he he. But my first thought was, jazz stage at Glastonbury for the sheer fun of it.6. Do you have any releases in the near future and are you playing anywhere live?I'm currently doing my solo album 'Labyrinth of Visions' with my project Maria Joao and The Sound Strippers and hope to release it early next year and perform it widely. Also another great project of mine, The Fizzymoon Project, which is more instrumental and aiming at dance floors and DJ's and background music for films and any other visual stimulant activities, which will be out there sometime. At the same time I'm also doing some studying for holistic therapies (the world needs love man!) so hopefully I'll have time to do everything on time!

I'm afraid no gigs just yet as I'm putting it all together but you'll be able to access info on that @ or


Maria Joao

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