Sunday, 2 October 2011

Elixir Of Life 1st October 2011 @ Pulse, London

Once again the promoters selected a fantastic line up of artists and dj’s. I began my night in the chill-out room to see the Egg. I didn’t really know too much about them only really being familiar with their Venice Beach track. I’d assumed it was one man rather than a band and their fusion of chill out and shoegaze was pleasant enough.

Next on my agenda was Gaudi and a few people mentioned to me later that they didn’t like the sound quality of the alternative room. For me that wasn’t the problem it was the layout. To get to the chill out room from the main room you had to go through the alternative room. This naturally meant that you were constantly jostled as you danced and I was half relieved when the set finished with a Bob Marley classic.

Next up was System 7 in the main room and luckily managing to get up to the front I could really notice how many sounds are actually created from Steve Hillage’s guitar through fx on the laptop. For me this really was the high point of the night even though it meant missing the Orb and overlapping on Banco De Gaia (who unfortunately I missed completely).

By the time Logic Bomb were on in the main room I felt like chilling out and caught the end of Lemon Tree a lovely blend of chill out with additional tribal percussion from Sean Spindrift after which the main room was the only option for more full-on psy-trance.

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