Sunday, 2 October 2011

Red Seal Interview

1) Firstly thank you for taking the time out from your busy schedule to complete this interview. Could you tell us a little about yourself and how you started your musical career?

It’s my pleasure. Well, I am a producer and artist currently living in Brighton, in the last few years i have been doing quite a few remix projects, but am now at work completing the next Red Seal album.

I’m also am working with Gerry Conlon (one of the Guildford 4, wrongly imprisoned for the IRA bombing at guildford) and John MCManus (head of Miscarriages of Justice Org) to produce and arrange a Dvd and big benefit concert to raise funds to build treatment centers for innocent prisoners on their release and to aid in their rehabilitation. These people receive no help from the system in any way on their release, even though they have had their lives ruined by miscarriages of justice. The Alabama 3 also do a great deal to help this organization as well.

I think that the Danish band Laid Back are definitely one of the biggest reasons that I started making music, after seeing their amazing video for “Bakerman” directed by Lars von Trier, a great treat was going to produce some material for them at their studio in Denmark.

2) The “Black Ops” album for me pulls together a wonderful combination of organic and synthetic sounds drawing on soulful horn accompanied reggae, dubby hip-hop breakz and ambient styles. Several years later and you’re working on a new album. Will this be a continuation of the “Black Ops” sound are you expanding into new territories?

There will be flavours of Black Ops in the new one, but more in the vibe than the actual sounds etc, since making the last album, I have teamed up with Richie Stevens, one of the best drummers in the world and several other great players, so I think the new one will have more of a live band sound, though most definitely with the Red Seal production sound and dub flavour.

3) The album heavily featured Cheshire Cat on vocals and also included prestigious guests such as Nightmares On Wax and Zion Train. Going by the Red Seal album teasers on Soundcloud Cheshire Cat’s vocal input remains what guests could listeners expect on the new album?

I have some awesome guests coming onto this one, Cheshire Cat is most certainly going to feature a lot again, as will the awesome David Fullwood (Zion Train) on trumpet, Kirk Brandon (Spear of Destiny) and hopefully Horace Andy, Dennis Bovell will feature on it, with Richie Stevens on drums.

The list goes on a lot longer, with some amazing names, but I want to keep the rest as a surprise. I will just say are all great talents and I am extremely grateful for the contribution coming from them.

4) When do you expect the new album to be released and what formats will it be released on?

I am hoping that late spring/early summer 2012 for release, which will definitely be available on both CD and digital download.

5) Which artists currently impress you?

The Stone Roses just reformed!!! Yeaaaah! That’s the best news in the music world for a decade!! Alabama 3 are a great band and Roachford live was the warmest and light-hearted gig that I’ve seen for ages (with a top band alongside him too) and Seeed watch them live! Theirs is the best Reggae show I’ve ever seen. It’s fucking dooope!

6) Are there any plans for a live tour?

Oh yes! I will be touring to promote the album and I’m looking forward to it!

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