Sunday, 2 October 2011

Liquid Stranger Interview

1.Which artists or clubs inspired you to work in the dub genre?

To me, dub is more a way of manipulating and reshaping recordings than it is a certain style of music. I do enjoy the roots dub from Augustus Pablo, and King Tubby. However, I also find inspiration from all kinds of different music, and life in general. Funny enough, the music from vintage computer games has been a great influence. Then again, most of the time a melody or rhythm usually pops up in my head when I am driving, working out, or making food...

2. Is your music entirely synthetic or do you add live instrumentation at gigs?

Whether I use acoustic (live) elements depends on the track. If I am after something organic, I might add live percussion, guitar, flutes, etc. Since I am mostly playing gritty dubstep when I am performing live nowadays, I do not normally add acoustic instrumentation. I bring my analogue modular system to every gig, creating bass lines and fx as I go. It is a very flexible and creative way of performing live.

3. You seem to be quite experimental in fusing genres and the use of sound fx. Do you try and push the musical boundaries of dub or does it just come out unconsciously?

It is not something I think about.

4. Which artists are impressing you recently?
I do not search for music much nowadays, and I am not keeping up to date with what is being released. A lot of people send me music, so most of the music I listen to is either made by my friends, or something I hear when I am out playing. Dorothy's Magic Bag and Goto80 always impresses (amuses) me, I like the hard dubstep/techstep from Rottun recordings, and yeah, I heard this great marimba band when I was touring Canada. They were brilliant!

5. What direction do you see electronica heading in the future?

Well, ten years ago the genres were more easily defined. Lately there has been so much fusing of genres, so I do not even know what electronica is anymore. I like that evolution. No style, no boundaries, just good vibrations!

6. Do you have any new releases in store and where can people hear your music?

Yep, I have a bunch of dubstep releases coming up, for example on Rottun Recordings and Adversion Records. Planning a new album that might come out on Interchill next year. Where can people hear your music? Ha ha, just Google Liquid Stranger. There are tons of sites/stores with my music out there. It is so easy to get hold of music today. “underground” does not really exist anymore.

7. Any advice for people getting started with electronic music?

Start simple - do not buy too much gear, you do not need it. Get productive - Do not focus too much on tiny production details. Make more songs instead.Have fun - Experiment, do not take it too seriously.
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