Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tatva Kundalini talks about Chill Om

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Chill Om started basically because of the frustration that I was facing a couple of years back to produce, release and promote the sound that I wanted to specialise in. The movement started 8-9 years back when I was producing music and a lot of indian major record labels ruled the music scene in the country and of course there was no space for independent music back then. Also, the majors had absolutely no idea about the global new age independent music industry that had already been existing in the worldwide scenario...the indian majors as I mentioned above were far behind in there strategies to promote new music and were not supporting good seemed their final aim was to only make chill om records perspective, of course money is important but not the most important thing. So basically, there was no outlet back then which could really do justice to the music and the existing labels. They were giving most of the independent artistes a tough time, so I guess as an artiste I took it upon my head to initiate Chill Om records and help support independent talent and here we are of India's top independent record label promoting, producing and releasing music from great global music architects from around the world.


The journey for sure has been very adventurous. Considering the fact that when we started the only thing we had were lots of positive energy, passion, good music, exactly 100 dollars and a lot of support from fellow artistes who are now exclusive Chill Om records artistes...Over the past couple of years, artistes and all the crew members have made it possible for us to sustain what Chill Om intended to do and be strong and keep it going...its a label for the artistes, by the artistes and of the artistes.


Lots and lots, life, struggle, hardships, my dogs, sepultura, slayer, massive attack, bjork, state of bengal, skazi, aluna, aerospace, vaishyas...the list goes on.....


No regrets at all..the struggle as I mentioned was of course there..but all of us have to sometimes realise that we all are born rich... you get successful in real life, when u get successful in your head...its is beautiful and simple..may god give more power to all the souls...hari om!

All over india, dubai next week, then a russian tour in early june...full power full on!


Jack and Jill is Tatva Kundalini's next full length completely progressive record. The record is up for release in the month of July. There is going to be an all india pre-release tour for the same. I think after all the successful releases on Chill Om such as Azaad-e, the internationally acclaimed Swaraaj, the Indian Electronic Café comps, Jack and Jill for sure comes as a full live dance record that is going to establish the Indian dance movement worldwide...may the revolution keep sinkin deeper and deeper...
Hari om

Tatva Kundalini

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