Sunday, 2 October 2011

Lexus Task Interview

Interview with Kash of Canadian Electronica act Lexus Task

1. Who are the main influences in your music and why?

The main 'known' influences that people might recognize are actually Boards of Canada, some Autechre's earlier stuff, Roni Size, Saint Germain (in the house department), Thievery Corp and a few lesser known acts like Auditory Canvas.

2. Your a collective of musicians are any of you classically trained?

We are a Duo Group Collective meaning two of us. The Classical training part will be kept secret for now.

3. Where can people hear your music and are you doing any live dates?

For now myspace, in the future Beatport and Blipp.

5. Which direction do you see down-tempo/chillout music heading in the future?

I see it going in two directions - either more organic with live instrumentation, OR becoming more technical.

6. What are your favourite clubs or festivals and why?
We really enjoy the Toronto, CA scene. Lots of great clubs down there, one being the Guvernment and Blue Moon Lounge (however we havne't been there in years).

Thanks for the interview. We have privacy issues to deal with and are just starting out however in the future we will be open to a "Greater INterview".

Lexic Task
Toronto, Canada

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