Sunday, 2 October 2011

Indidginus Interview

1 ) Firstly thank you for taking the time out from your busy schedule to complete this interview. Could you tell us a little about yourself and how you started your musical career?

No problem Martin. I had to reschedule my Eastern Seaboard tour for you to be here, but it’s all in a day’s work.

A bit about myself – well, my name is Michael, I live on the second floor. Actually I don’t, I live in a one-storey cottage. Kills my Suzanne Vega impression stone dead. I’m from the UK, but have lived in Cape Town for the last 8 years or so. I was born in Iceland during a snow storm and I’ve had more jobs than I have years in my age. I no longer need to worry about the cutting my hair part of the real job equation as most of it has disappeared over the years of its own accord. My favourite colour is burnt orange and I enjoy drinking tea.

In terms of musical career - I started out by playing didg with various DJs and live acts in the trance and drum and bass scenes. Then I moved on to writing my own tracks and incorporating my didg into the live performance of those.

2) Your new album “Sofa Surfer” features a host of collaborations with artists from both the UK and South Africa. Could you tell us a little about the concept of the album?

I was in the UK last summer to gig, and I thought it would be a great idea to make full use of my time there to write an album (or at least start to write an album). I chose to involve various musical friends (old and new) in the project to add interest and variation. It’s also a brilliant learning experience to work with others – both from a technical and personal point of view. The album is called “Sofa Surfer” as a lot of time was spent surfing sofas when visiting said friends all around the UK to do the recordings. Riddim also plays a big part in the album.

3) Are there any live shows planned and will they feature any of the collaborators from the album?

I am super busy finalizing digital distribution for the album and doing promotion at the moment, but yes there will be live shows in the near future. There will be a Sofa Surfer album launch part at Rubadub here in Cape Town on 9th July 2011. The album release date is 23rd July 2011 - Hailie Selassie I's birthday :)

4) Which artists currently impress you?

Rusko, Burial, Various, Boxcutter, Liquid Stranger, Kode 9, Pinch, Scuba and Chase & Status are recently cropping up in my Winamp playlist a lot since my head is fully in dubstep mode – very varied, very talented, very inspiring…

5) Are there any club nights or festivals you would recommend to readers travelling to South Africa?

Rubadub is a brilliant dubstep night here in Cape Town run by James Matthes - He’s doing good things for the scene. Highly recommended…

6) Which artist you haven't already worked with would you like to and why?

Oh there’s loads… Rusko because he has tapped into a massive market, which would help me on the promo side of things just a little ;) Burial because he has a very inventive sound. Liquid Stranger because I dig his tunes. On the local front, I’d like to work with Mix and Blend, Richard the Third and SFR as they are all very talented dubstep/drum and bass producers.

Sofa Surfer is available to pre-order now at the special price of $8.

This includes immediate download of 3 tracks - Lost Coast featuring legendary electronica pioneer Colin Angus of The Shamen, Madam Blerta's Carnival featuring stalwarts of the psychedelic dance scene OOOD and a free download of Sunrise over Sapporo featuring mainstay of UK downtempo Tripswitch. There's even a couple of bonus items thrown in for good measure.

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