Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ashtech Interview

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1) Which artists were your biggest inspirations?

I listened to a lot of music genres and countless artists since I was very young. I have been inspired by many artists, but not one in particular.

2) Cheshire Cat (Leftfield/Red Seal) m.c.’d on some of the tracks on Walking Target. Did you work on the vocals together or did he have a free reign?

Cheshire Cat wrote all the lyrics. He is not just a singer or an mc he is a great writer, after all that's his job.

3) Which do prefer playing the bass with Ashtech as a live group or the versatility of Ashtech dj sets?

I like to do both sets and I love the contact with the people. Of course when I play and I see people dancing at my own music, that's always a strong feeling.

4) You have shared the stage with famous artists like Tricky, Groove Armada and The Wailers. Which of the artists you’ve met so far did you most want to meet and why?

I did not have one artist in particular that I wanted to meet, I have been playing live since I was a teenager and It has been an honor to share the stage with each one of the artists I've met.

5) Are there any live shows in the near future?

I just finished my tour and right now I am starting to work on my next album. stay tuned!

6) For those unfamiliar with your music where can they hear your work?

download and physical are available via all major services worldwide, you can visit me at my web-site (see above) or on Myspace

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