Thursday, 20 February 2014

Desert Dwellers 'Seeing Things' Review

Artist: Desert Dwellers

Title: Seeing Things

Label: Twisted Records

Released: 10th February

Coinciding with supporting Sphongle on their U.S. tour the Desert Dwellers (unlike many of the psy-chill artists who have branched into other areas or been quiet in recent times), have taken a step closer on this single released on Sphongle's Twisted label with staggering results. The melodic Arabic vocals of previous releases remain but the background is beat laden psy-chill at it's most intense and finest.

Alongside the original are several stunning re-mixes of variable approaches and quality production.

First up is veteran and pioneer of psy-fi techno & global ambient grooves Eat Static. The intro is more eerie and sci-fi sounding fused with the bazaar's snake charmer, Although it's slower paced it doesn't take long before the beat laden emphasis of the original comes into play. Twisting in and out of the original vibe overflowing with samples and sequences, yet maintaining a perfectly harmonious balance.

Lubdub takes a gentler and more chilled approach that still packs a punch in places, utilising elements of dub reggae and psy-chill forming a lovely cohesive whole that I can see myself utilising in a chill set for sure.

James Manroe's version takes this straight to the dancefloor with a pounding techno beat soon followed by snares and oh boy! This is yet another corker wobbling somewhere between progressive psy-trance and techno.

Land Switcher stretch and manipulate the original into a chilled psy-dub
number bouncing echoes and gating vocals with ease. Impressive stuff and re-affirming that there is still high quality to be found in the psychedelic side of chill from up and coming artists.

Kaminanda retain the beat laden style of the original but sprinkle it with chilled elements and elongated breakdowns which at times are reminiscent of Land Switcher, at others metallically and industriously dubby and others lush and ambient.

Variant Field take this into the realms of dub-step'ish bass music before releasing and concentrating on the vocal and melody, transforming their take into a more chilled affair for a long period before bringing back in the beats in a more attacking and less dub-step'ish manner.

Mystral begin with an eerie dark ambient approach which soon begins to play toyfully with the bass notes, vocal and other sounds, adding little alien'esque or elf'ish vocodered background vocals (depending on your perception) and even throw in some sequenced Balkan grooves for good measure.

My conclusion; if you like your chill psychedelic and twisted you won't want this release missing from your collection.

Review by Woodzee.

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