Thursday, 6 February 2014

Artist: Sinepearl

Album: Cycles Within Cycles Within

Label: Interchill Records

Released: 11th February 2014

I settled back to listen to this album through the cans while working on some e-mails interjected with facebook comments. Normally, I don't like to do a review without giving my full focus to the music. However, on reflection in this case it's quite fitting.

The first thing I noticed with the opening track 'The Great Wobble' was the excellent panning and was glad to have opted to listen through the headphones. It begins in a psychedelic manner and like many of the tracks on the album is of epic length and before I knew it I'd reached a wonderfully chilled atmosphere, which continued and kept me in a relaxed frame of mind until I'd completed my tasks and strangely enough emerged to give my full attention at the sixth track 'Emergance'. Which I have to say is a wonderful piece that begins with birdsong and other field recordings from the natural world. This is soon joined by an eastern sounding synth voice that just washes over you. It takes a while for the slow drum brushes to be introduced but you won't be disappointed with the wait.

To summarise this album is easy to get lost in. The tracks are somewhat similar and the epic length of the tracks and the ebb and flow of the music throughout the album are perfect for a chilled background and I for one am looking forward to exploring the tracks deeper in the future.

Review by Woodzee.


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