Monday, 10 February 2014

The Holiwater Band - Maya Review

Artist: The Holiwater Band

Album: Maya

Label: Dubmission Records

Released: 27th January 2014

Composed and performed by Pandit Vikash Maharaj and Tom Bailey (formerly of Thompson Twins and most recently of International Observer fame) alongside a collective of musicans including Parbhab Maharaj on tablas, Abhishek Maharaj on sitar and James Pinker (Dead Can Dance) on percussion. This is an album celebrating the unique and sacred world of the River Ganges in India.
This project was inspired by the vital work being carried out by Environmentalists to save the Ganges from rapid decline. A fusion of audio and visual, East meets West, contemporary electronic joining traditional rajas to reflect traditional wisdom and modern technologies used to overcome environmental issues and will, I understand, provide the soundtrack to the upcoming documentary film Holiwater.
With such an accolade of artists involved I was looking forward to hearing this album with a high level of excitement. However, for me it didn't reach my level of anticipation. It almost felt like a case of very accomplished musicians constructing a backdrop soundtrack for the movie as opposed to exploring new territories or breaking boundaries. But perhaps, that is exactly what it's meant to be and is best experienced in the whole audio/visual experience. Still that’s the beauty of music what passes over me may ignite your passions and transport you to dimensions of auditory bliss.
Whatever you taste’s please check out the website for more information on a very worthwhile cause.

Reviewed by Matthew Foord

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