Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Chill Out Sessions commences the 23rd of February on

The House of the Flying Eyeball have graciously allowed the Sun Is Shining a 3 hour radio slot on 

alternating with Liquid Lounge and Ian's special blend of sofa sinking chill, psychedelia and global bass every last Sunday of the month.

My aim is to play a blend of old favourites, new discoveries and promos alongside guest dj's and artists across the whole spectrum of dub and chill. I won't be selecting the guests lightly even if you're not familiar with them be rest assured they are a guest for good reason and you won't find their set online before it's aired.

My first guest is DJ Maggie of the infamous Moontribe desert parties held in California since 1993 . Maggie's downtempo sets can touch on the spiritual and the psychedelic, the dubby and the jazzy, the electronic or the classical even throwing in some funky trip-hop. In my experience you never know where you're going to take off or where you're going to land but it is always worth taking the flight for the pure enjoyment of her sonic excursions.

We hope you will join us and help spread the word. There's also a live chatroom for those who wish to make a more active connection and Maggie will be available to fill you in on any of her selections.

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