Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Interchill the Compilation Review

Interchill Compilation

I must confess that this album was on my Bandcamp wish list, so I was delighted when Woodzee offered me the chance to review it.
First thing that struck me is the beautiful artwork adorning the front cover- the morning sun (I assume), in a clear blue sky partially hidden by the girder of a bridge. A perfect moment of stillness.
The artwork appropriately sets the mood for the music contained within. This is a selection obviously compiled with great love and attention to detail and as such it seems a bit churlish to have favourites. In saying that I’m going to single out the tracks that I either knew beforehand or grabbed my attention at first listen
First off is the effusive tones of Bruce Bikerton aka Alucidnation. I’ve known of Bruce’s music for a good few years now and love the warmth and generosity of his stuff. I was lucky enough to have Bruce compile a sublime selection for my radio show a year or so ago- (https://hearthis.at/thehouseoftheflyineyball/network16-alucidnation/)
Next up is the sublime Tom Green aka Another Fine Day with a track from his most recent album ‘A good place to be’. On remix duties is Greg Hunter who comes up with a delightful little twist taking in elements of Dub and Didgeridoo. The Kaya Project's 'Desert Phase' (Hibernation remix) is a more up-tempo offering, yet still proves to be a gorgeous slice of aural sunshine.
This is followed by the dreamy vocals of ‘To Mend’ by Bluetech & Lynx & Janover. I must admit that I far prefer this version to the harder original with the softer approach that Bluetech has taken the piece. Whilst Tom's 2nd inclusion on this compilation is the delicate and playful ‘Dusty Feet’. This track is the aural equivalent of summer rain, all light and refreshing
Spiral System follows up perfectly with the aptly named ‘Rain’. A great bass line provides the foundation for a lazy, hazy meander. Then Liquid Stranger takes us for a little diversion into ‘Zero Gravity’ before the brief interlude of Sunmonx laid back number ‘Run’. Then the Kaya Project return with their second offering the even shorter, but appropriately named ‘Flicker’. Short but extremely sweet.
Sinepearl serve up the aptly named and blissful ‘Ceremonial Tea’ and Ishq follows with a sublime slice of ambience. Best let these last two just work their subtle magic over you and please don’t attempt to operate any heavy machinery!
Alucidnation return for their second offering ‘Genetics’. This time remixed by the incomparable Mixmaster Morris in his much loved Irresistible Force incarnation. For me Morris can pretty much do no wrong and this track has long been a favourite of mine. I’m very much looking forward to the new Irresistible Force album seeing the light of day, hopefully in the New Year.
Liquid Stranger finishes off the delights with a final slice of excellence, which puts me in mind a little bit of Global Communications, remix of Chapterhouse ‘Pentamerous Metamorphosis’. Which is no bad thing at all.
In my honest opinion this is a sublime selection of chilled and ambient tunes to keep away the winter chill and I heartily recommend adding this to your collection.

Reviewed by Matthew Foord


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