Wednesday, 30 December 2015

E.R.S. 'Full Moon Skank' Review

Full Moon Skank is a fresh new E.P. from Manfred a Himalayas based artist releasing material under the pseudonym E.R.S. The E.P. is available generally through Dubmission Records from the 18th of December (a tad late on this one).

The E.P. opens with 'Justice and Equal Rights' where the reggae keys are a constant underbelly to the intricate riddims, where the percussion rolls and at time explodes. In the latter section the vocal cuts, horns and twisted loops all come together making the cohesive whole a strong opening track indeed. The mood becomes slower and heavier with 'Hear and Now' and although the intricate and well panned percussion remains the low frequency bass is employed flirting with Dub-Step in a reggae stylee.

The following two tracks are more mellow 'E.T. Existence' employs Sci-Fi samples as you've probably ascertained from the title and the keys are pleasing to the ear. The title track however, puzzles me somewhat. There's nothing wrong with it the intricate percussion remains and the samples are fine. However, it lacks the dynamics of some of the other tracks so seems to me a strange choice for the title track. The E.P. comes to a close with 'Massive in Funk' which restores the dynamics of the first two pieces with some additional funky vocal cuts that work a treat.

Review by Woodzee

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