Monday, 21 December 2015

Dr. Trippy 'Punjabi Swamp Music' Review

Dr. Trippy – Punjabi Swamp Music

Dr. Trippy burst out on the scene back in May of last year with his debut album 'Invasion by Osmosis' on Banco De Gaia's label Disco Gecko recordings. Since then I've had the good fortune to make his acquaintance at this years Whirl-Y-Fayre and catch a live performance. Fans of his sound shouldn't be disappointed with this new e.p. of fresh tracks full to the brim with the sounds of India and Jamaica.

The opening track 'Ashram' is slightly deceiving with it's intro which appears to be a nice slice of chilled electronica and then comes the drop and the mish-mash of Indian vocal stabs, dub and fiddle provides an instant festival floor filler. 'Darjeeling Daydream' has less of a jig to it than the opening track and more of a dubby Indian hip-hop feel but works just as well. While Dr. T Meets the Exterminator sounds like a James Bond ska track has been dragged through the washing machine with some psychedelic breaks.

I'm certain I've heard the underlying female Indian sample that runs throughout the pacier 'Indubia' alongside the flutes and male ragga vocal stabs either way this track is top draw. Drawing this e.p. to a close is 'Rant and Rave at Sunday School' where the horns and dub reggae meet the choral choir just in time for Christmas.

Review by Woodzee

Available from the 18th of December


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