Tuesday 11 August 2015

Enoch Prusak 'Eye Contact' Review

Artist: Enoch Prusak

Title: Eye Contact

Label: Digital Duvet


10th August

Hot on the tail of the excellent recent Digital Duvet release 'Sunset Gliders' (a free download depending which format you're after) comes this latest album from Charles Massey's ambient side-project. What appeals to me about Charles releases as Perpetual Loop is he never seems to put his stamp whole heartedly into one genre, but rather borrows choice sounds from trance, psy-chill, electronica and summery Ibiza vibes.

The album begins in a classical style with melancholic cello and piano with subtle use of electronica and unlike his Perpetual Loop material sets a certain stamp for what's to follow. A few tracks in there's a vocal number as far as songs go I feel the making of a hit is where the union between the music and the vocal is cemented and the words spring to mind from the first few notes. Unfortunately, here this doesn't happen and the marriage between the two feels slightly out. However, he soon makes up for it here on in with lush orchestral strings, classical piano and subtle but effective synths.

To summarise this album is certainly inoffensive I guess you could call it easy listening. I'm not saying that in a negative way and I certainly can't deny the tranquillity and beauty contained within some of the pieces. Although, it may not appeal to all of the Perpetual Loop fans the album definitely shows another side of Charles approach and skills in his productions and it's a fine album for a lazy Sunday.

The limited number of CD's are only available from the Digital Duvet website, where an additional bonus digital album 'Imperfect Sphere' is available free with every purchase.

Reviewed by Woodzee.


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