Monday, 24 August 2015

Terra Nine 'Lucid Dreaming E.P.' Review

Artist: Terra Nine

Title: Lucid Dreaming 

Label: Altar Records

Released: 12th August

Hot on the heels of the recent Karune E.P. New Zealands Mike Westcot delivers 3 new tracks comprising his unique blend of electric viola, lush ambient soundscapes, breaks and trance.

The opening track 'Field of Wishes' is an eerie journey through atmospheric down-tempo electronics and lush viola that could easily slot into the background of any sci-fi flick. While the title track 'Lucid Dreaming' has a heavier breakbeat undertone the lush strings of the over-layered viola maintain the dream like quality that the title suggests. The E.P. closes with 'Positive Vibrations' a collaboration with Transient Dreams and going by the title you could be forgiven for expecting a reggae dub fusion. The reality is a slice of glitchy psybient for the viola to spring off and soar.

Overall this release didn't leave as deep an impression on me as the Karuna E.P. However, saying that it's not a bad E.P. and very reasonably priced. As always Mike delivers a dream-like quality that appeals to me which you certainly find in this release.

Reviewed by Woodzee


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