Friday, 28 March 2014

Radioactive Sandwich "Survival" Review

Artist: Radioactive Sandwich

Release: Survival

Label: Tech Safari Records

Released: 4th April 2013
Digitally World-wide

This five track single features three new tracks from Radioactive Sandwich with Globular and Tron Sepia on re-mix duties.

The first track “Ex Nihilo” opens up with an infectious hook running over an atmospheric background, just as I began to tire of this as if by magic comes the switch and the mood swings to laid back reggae perfect for the hammock. Here and there they drop a vocal which is lyrically quite dark, flitting between universal conciousness and decay. In fact it even sounds a little like Convenant or VNV Nation attempting reggae. Strange as it may sound it works for me.

'The Storm' commences with slow bass piano chords overshadowing an undercurrent which seems to chug along with a slight sense of urgency. Once again there's a switch signalled by a short choral followed by a psychedelic acid section before it gets really interesting lovely sweeping synths and guitar that transform into twisted Arabia almost seamlessly, before dropping into ambient operatics (your really getting your moneys worth in this track) as it twists and morphs to eventually reach where we started.

Now we move on to 3 variations of 'Icefall'.

The original begins with a combination of choral synths and a broody feel with IDM style beats the groove is lifted taking the piece away from the initial laid back tracks into psy-trance but still maintains a chilled feel in places.

Globular seems to have become pretty popular in the psy scene last year. Which kind of surprised me as he's been around awhile. His 'Thawing Sunshine Mix' has more of a reggae feel to it with plenty of psychedelic twitches and although it's up-tempo in places I have to say I prefer this take.

Last but not least is Tron Sepia's 'Tron Sandwich Re-Mix'. A new name on me and though it's not quite my cup of tea it's certainly a fresh brew. He drags the track into dirty slow stretched bass with bursts of high pitched vocal and releases it back into the realms of psy-trance.

To summarise if you like your psy on the dancefloor and on the sofa, then this is another crazy ride with plenty of variation. Covering just shy of 45 mins of music, which I'm sure you will agree is pretty good value for a single.

Review by Woodzee.


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