Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Desert Dwellers "Union: The Whitebear Re-mixes" Review

Artist: Desert Dwellers

Release: Union:
The Whitebear Re-mixes

Label: Desert Trax

Released: 10th March 2014

This release contains the Desert Dwellers original version and two re-mixes with different approaches by an up and coming young Australian producer that I've not come across before “Whitebear”.

The original starts very much in the manner of an Indian Classical piece with gentle ambient synths and bamboo flutes. I could easily be fooled into believing it was a piece by the Suns of Arqa. In the second half it sounds like a slide Oud is introduced with subtle delay. Wonderful stuff I have to say I like this track a lot.

Whitebears Groove Mix is a completely different approach. However, in it's own right it's also a bit of a gem, commencing with flutes and field recordings which visually took me straight into a union with the nature of the tropical rainforest. But don't be fooled after all this is the Desert Dwellers and Desert Trax. He layers the predominant instrument of this track, the Oud over slo-mo deep bass chords that are stretched and twisted along with some lovely loops that give an impression that the track is released in short bursts. Halfway through the breakdown is accompanied by bleepy keys reminiscent of early Warp tracks before resuming the initial vibe.

Whitebear's second re-work the Psyborglitch Edit is probably the most suited to the dancefloor of the three. Here Whitebear releases the oud between the twitches, glitches and trailing loops. I can see this working well as an early evening enticer to shake your rump at a psy-event. It would seem Whitebear could well be one to watch out for in 2014.

Review by Woodzee.


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