Thursday, 5 January 2012

Liquid Stranger - Cryogenic Encounters review

Label: Interchill 
Mastered By: Vincent Villuis @ Ultimae
Release Date: 5th January 2012

Sitting back playing this through an Arcam amp with new Denon headphones was a perfect come down from a hectic New Year. Martin Stääf‘s Liquid Stranger releases continue to amaze me. Although the material he releases on Interchill are generally less harsh than those on Rottun this album is even more chilled than it's predecessors. The album has a atmospheric backdrop reminiscent of the synthesized sounds of 70's space movies, expertly drifting in and out of different themes ranging from slo mo bass heavy and trip-hop beats, reggae, psy-chill, idm, spacey jazz-funk and beatless ambience providing a perfect soundtrack for getting warm and cosy on a winter’s night.

The opening track Beacon for example begins with a slow trip-hop vibe and soon envelopes you in a funky madness that slowly fades into a lush chilled ambient drone with bass heavy notes. A personal favourite Zeal begins not unlike the Art of Noise slowly enticing you in further through multiple layers until the bass drops. There’s plenty going on throughout the track including an unexpected and slightly vocoder’ish vocal accompaniment. While the final track Ectoplasm is an Ishq’esque beatless ambient affair ideally suited for total relaxation.

Reviewed by Woodzee.

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