Sunday, 8 January 2012

Desert Dwellers The Drumspyder re-mixes review

Artist: Desert Dwellers
Tracks: Bodhi Mandala & Tala Odyssey
Re-mixer: Drumspyder
Label: White Swan Records
Release Date: Spring 2012

Both of these tracks will feature along with other re-mixes on the next instalment of the "Downtemple Dub" series. Having been impressed by the Desert Dwellers re-mix of the Laya Projects "Sunset in Akkari" championed by Monkey Pilot and Robin Triskele I'd decided to dig deeper and would now consider myself a fan of both the Desert Dwellers and Drumspyder.

The first track Bodhi Mandala is a beautiful slow burner fusing the Indian Bansuri and Tanpura with Arabic percussion, synths and a faint dub-step'ish wub wub bass. While Tala Odyssey is a slightly more up-tempo and danceable piece. Where the intro begins with a female Tarana style vocal and eases into Arabic percussion soon joined by a harmonium with a reggae'ish vibe which drifts into Arabesque synths, techy breakz and deeper wub wub low frequency bass.


Reviewed by Woodzee.

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