Saturday, 17 December 2011

Kick Bong Interview

We talk to Franck Jousselin a.k.a. Kick Bong about his career, recent releases, live shows and his studio set up.

1) Firstly thank you for taking the time out from your busy schedule to complete this interview. Could you tell us a little about yourself and how you started your musical career?

I began to play drums at the age of twelve and by the time I was twenty I was playing with the pop/rock band Romy et les Gateaux secs. We signed with Barclay Recordings for 3 albums, played on French and Belgium TV and Radio shows as well as performing some concerts. In 1995 I started to take an interest in electronic music and I began to play percussions with a DJ. Two years later I started to compose in my home studio and signed my first track with Spirit Zone in 2001. Oh yeah! I was really happy!  Since then I have released four albums and tracks that have featured on twenty compilations with several labels. 

2) You appeared on a number of compilations for various labels for a number of years before your debut album “A Cup Of Tea” in 2005. This album has recently been re-mastered for digital release. What inspired you to re-master the album rather than just convert to digital format? 

This album was released in 2005 by a French label Ultra Vista. After 5 years Nick (Side Liner) ask me to release it on Cosmicleaf Records . So we re-mastered the tracks and designed a new cover for a fresh feel to the album.

3) You’ve also recently released “Kick Bong Re-Mixed”. How did this project come about and how were the re-mixes for the album selected

I listened some old tracks and one day I remixed one track and then a second and finally I starting to remix several tracks for a new remix album. It was a true pleasure to remix, it was like a game! I began by asking Side Liner if I could remix one of his tracks and then Swordxl a Spanish producer from Another Chance records and so on. Now I’m ready for another one héhé!

4) Although you’re often tagged under the psy-chill genre your music also draws on other genres. I can re-call a mix aired on Fluid Radio which contained tracks by Depeche Mode and the Cure for instance. How would you categorise yourself?

It is true, my music evolves like me. My sound is slightly different with a more pop, electro feel. But always I strive to find the atmosphere. Now, I've been in love with music since childhood with so many musical influences some of which naturally appear in my music.

5) You have played both live sets and dj sets across clubs and festivals in Europe. Do you have any particular favourites and what appeals to you about them?

Both appeal to me as I like to mix and also play live. But when I play live I prefer to play with instruments (with a band) it’s more fun.  I particularly enjoyed the Boom festival in 2006 for both the place and the ambience. I also enjoyed playing the Glade festival in England and Arcadia in France. Club wise for me I love le Batofar and le Cabaret Sauvage in Paris, a beautiful place like a circus.

7) Do you have any favourite piece of hardware or soft-synth when creating a track?

Yes! I work with Cubase and I like my Nord lead synth and also the Moog vst. I tend to use Trilogy for the bass and many more. But I don’t forget my instruments the true drum and bass!

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