Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Koan - Circe's Touch Re-mixes Review

The original mix isn’t what I’d describe as ground-breaking.  However, all the ingredients are tasty and baked to perfection. Lush synths are layered between those choral ooh’s and ahh’s I used to love playing with on keyboards and whoosh’s that sound like steam released from a valve. Creating a wonderful down-tempo arrangement that would fit nicely into any Christmas ambient compilation.

My favourite re-mix on disc 1 (the down-tempo disc) has to be Asura (and that's a tough choice with Krusseldorf providing a lovely ambient dub take where the 303 acid sequencer is reminiscent of early Plastikman). 

Asura has mastered melding the down-tempo trance and space music for which Ultimae Records is renowned. This re-mix is somewhat different as well as additional glitchy percussion he’s tweaked the synths and emphasised those whoosh’s I mentioned earlier resulting in a high quality and well thought out re-mix.

Moving on to disc 2 (the progressive disc) I’m plumping for label boss Nick Brennan’s Odyssey mix which rolls along in lovely loops reminiscent of early Orbital or Underworld with plenty of ad-hoc sounds and less frequent loops keeping the ear busy and if that wasn’t enough the breakdowns are lush. You can preview the other mixes from Soundprank, Petite Ange and Rothe & Grey here http://soundcloud.com/sectionrecords/sets and it's available to purchase at all good digital download stores or direct from the web-site http://www.sectionrecords.com/

Review by Woodzee.

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