Friday, 17 June 2016

DF Tram 'Tripped Out' Review

Artist: DF Tram

Title: Tripped Out

Label: Subatomic UK

Released: 17th June

Following on from his debut album 'Illegal Lingo' on Subatomic last year this E.P. packs together a fresh new track and three re-mixes from that album.

The first track 'A Ping at the Stone Circle' begins with a variety of samples over a simple hip-hop beat that leads to a Glastonbury festival themed verse and vocoder chorus that many of the listeners who attend festivals in general will relate to. For me this is an infectious track that I keep playing over and over and can see this remaining on my play list throughout the summer.

Next up is the first of two re-mixes by Marshall Watson of 'The Mystery' a laid back track with whispered vocals and sax that provided a smoky jazz bar feel on 'Illegal Lingo'. The 'Dreamscape Re-Mix' adds a slight bit of bounce to the beat and a harmonic chorus with an electro like break early on before a touch of echo and plenty of loops as the vocoder vocal is introduced. All in all an intricate mix that works very well and takes it in more of a laid back spacey Balearic direction. The 'Afterlife Edit' again adds some bounce and a touch more pace and although is very similar has more of an early evening beach house feel.

The final track is the Animat re-mix of 'Soul Exchange' which commences in a classic dub reggae fashion then starts toying with a classic sample that was used by Grandmaster Flash if my memory serves me right. Soon after the chilled out female vocal is run through the dub laboratory against the blues guitar, strings and what I assume is DF Tram's vocal. The overall effect is so chilled again I'm ticking this off as another one for the summer play list.

Reviewed by Woodzee


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