Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Kick Bong 'The Lost Valley' Review

Artist: Kick Bong

Title: The Lost Valley

Label: Cosmicleaf

Released: 20th April

I've always felt Franck Jousselin has followed his own path musically. Even with his earlier releases although there were strong elements of psy-chill and dub he had a slightly different edge as well as playing the percussion, bass, keyboards and synths on his releases. I've said it before and I'll say it again I remember a set he did for Fluid Radio a good number of years back where he played re-mixes of the Cure and Depeche Mode amongst dubby psy-chill. At that point I'd never really come across anyone brave enough to fuse the two. But then he did start his musical career as a member of the French new-wave/pop act Romy et les Gateaux secs.

Although his style isn't to everyone's taste (I've heard a few die-hard psy-chill and psy-dub heads mention it isn't) I feel he's moved away from that sound album by album admittedly jumping back on certain tracks. On this album however I would pigeon-hole it more as a collection of down-tempo chilled electronica and mid-tempo not too dis-similar to nu-disco (and by that I don't mean the cheesy sounding tracks with a house beat or the harder edged acid-chug).

I'd also advise getting past the first few tracks to really appreciate this release. The opener 'Walk my Way' is a melodic piece of chill with some nice strings and chimes followed by 'Clip Clap' a slo-mo nu-disco sounding no with some beautifully melodic synth sounds. The fourth track of the album 'Dancing on the Dust' is an absolute corker that's difficult to pigeon hole there's elements of nu-disco, a driving beat and some excellent psychedelic twists. From this pinnacle the album descends slowly track by track and just when you think you're moving back to old ground with Ludivine Dubos flute in 'The Pursuit' Franck drops a funky riff on the bass re-affirming what a quality album it is.

Reviewed by Woodzee.


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