Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Another Fine Day 'A Good Place To Be Re-Mixes' Review

Artist: Another Fine Day

Title: A Good Place To Be


Label: Interchill

Released: 10th May

Hot on the heels of his recent album release and for me the tracks selected for the re-mix treatment are slightly puzzling as my personal favourite 'Nature Boy' isn't included. Never-the-less it's a fine album on the whole and a great bunch of talent selected for these versions.

The E.P. commences with two takes of 'Spanish Blues' and first up is Seb Taylor under his ambient-glitch pseudonym Hibernation (where he often leans towards fusing smoky jazz bar vibes with futuresque electronica). Seb utilises all the aspects of the original sending it off in little sequenced loops with added sparkle before the twitchy bass line drops. All in all he's done a sterling job complimenting and adding to the laid back melodic smoky jazz bar flavour of the original perfectly balanced with more ass wiggling sections. This is followed by Greg Hunter (Dubsahara) who in contrast delivers a wonderfully melodic dub which is equally as soothing as the original but leagues apart in his approach. So far the release provides two strong re-mixes suited for different occasions.

The second part of the E.P. is a trio of re-mixes based on 'And Dream of Seals'. In the first instance Tom re-visits the piece with his 'Chaos Theory Mix' where he employs an elongated field recording intro and then toys with the sounds more as well as adding a plodding beat and touches of tribal percussion. Next up is Alucidnation who adds a suitable spoken word diatribe and subtle fx, but manages to maintain the dream like quality of the original. Last but not least is Ishq's take (where if you're familiar with his music it's not as surprising as it may seem) he's actually applied the brakes to what's an already down-tempo affair. Matt focuses on the melodic piano of the piece adding choral voices and flutes, he dives deep into ambience to see the e.p. out in a truly relaxing and meditative fashion.

Reviewed by Woodzee



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