Monday, 2 February 2015

MCTHFG 'Materials: Part One' Review

Artist: MCTHFG

Title: Materials: Part One

Label: Dubmission Records

Released: 2nd February 2015

This is MCTHFG a.k.a. Seoul based Christopher Wing's first single released on Dubmission records with another to follow next in March. I have no idea what his sobriquet relates to (apparently a closely guarded secret). However, Christopher does reveal that his music is inspired by 80's sci-fi movies and dub, which is a perfect platform in my humble opinion.

The single contains an 18 minute long version of 'Oscillation Overthruster' which is then sliced into 3 sections (in order to make the single more readily available over certain platforms). So for the purposes of this review I'll cover the smaller sections.

Part One begins with sequential tones layered over an atmosphere, which I can relate to the science fiction films previously mentioned. Although there's a subtle use of reverberation it takes a couple of minutes for the dub to surface prominently. Although, deep bass notes and percussion are utilised it's balanced with gentle keys and fx providing an ambient dub feel to the piece.

Part Two starts with a different approach, with what I'd describe as vacuum in space atmosphere and then, almost immediately kicks into a melodic acidic dub. However, this is short lived as the track soon transcends into a gentler production more akin to Part One.

Part Three although retaining a laid back feel, drops heavier beats with plenty of oscillations (as the title suggests) alongside string and piano interludes. Although, I can relate to the suggested Sci-fi influence and the drum sounds have an 80's sound I still find myself making comparisons to the ambient dub of the early 90's.

To summarise this release the production is obviously aimed as a retro chill out piece for those who prefer the dub approach. It's probably better to listen to the track as a whole enjoying the journey rather than in the parts alongside other tracks.

Review by Woodzee.


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