Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Artist: Banco De Gaia

Title: Last Train To Lhasa
20th Anniversary Edit

Label: Disco Gecko Recordings

Released: 14th Feb on Bandcamp &
30th March Elsewhere

Following last year's release of the 20th Anniversary Edition of 'Maya' comes this little re-mix e.p. containing the original and a number of modern re-mixes as a pre-cursor for a non-digital 20th Anniversary release of the album. For me 'Shanti' is my all-time favourite Banco track and would sit highly among my top ambient tracks ever. That said this track is still a stunning piece of work which contained all the right ingredients at the time and still appeals to me today.

This release begins with the original it's not the first time the sound of the train has been utilised in electronica (I doubt it will be the last). Kraftwerk's 'Trans-Europe Express' and even more importantly 'Metal on Metal' instantly springs to mind. But while that provided an industrial feel to a European journey Banco creates the setting of a steamy jungle excursion ascending into the mountains of Tibet. As I mentioned previously all the right ingredients are here with an infectious electronic sequence, flutes and eastern vocals layered over a chugging train which is perfect for laying back and casting the minds eye and yet danceable enough for the early hours.

First up on the re-mix duties is Altar Records, Astropilot who takes the track further into an ambient space with a trance like approach. Just as this version starts to get mundane a subtle but effective percussion is added. However, ongoing this version doesn't hold my attention. Although, obviously work well in a ambient trance/space music set and may well appeal to others.

This is followed by an edit which emphasises the train and vocals and although the other ingredients follow, it has a less danceable approach than the original. All in all, it's a good alternative imo especially for slotting into a chill out set.

Slinder whose bootleg version of Banco's 'Heliopolis' brought him to the attention of Disco Gecko, takes the track to the dancefloor with a progressive house twist. Initially I found his take a little repetitive but it grew on me in the latter half after a lush breakdown.

Finally (and exclusive to bandcamp) is the eighteen minute long 'Very Extended Ambient Mix' which as the title suggests prolongs the journey for the long haul traveller. Utilising all those luscious ingredients with stretches, reverb and the occasional swoosh. Very nice indeed and at £3 for the whole release it's money well spent.

Reviewed by Woodzee.


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Cosmic said...

Nice ambient music with a world groove.