Monday, 12 September 2016

Drumspyder 'Mother Rune' Review




Mother Rune


8th September

Oakland based Scott Sterling A.K.A. Drumspyder returns with a fresh batch of eastern electronica. The “Mother Rune” is Hagall, a symbol from the Younger Futhark (a medieval Norse alphabet). Its elemental six-pointed shape (like the “Seed of Life” figure of sacred geometry) contains the seed of all the other rune forms. Literally meaning “hail”, it has the dual meaning of a crisis and new beginning- a perfectly formed snowflake that emerges from a whirling storm, a cold grain from the sky that melts into nourishing water.

The album commences with the title track a whirling dervish of snake charmer flutes accompanied by the live darbuka drumming, tamborines and frame drums associated with his previous releases. The next track 'Fire Ring Beat' is a trifle more relaxed, with the occasional wub and melodic vocals added to the palate you can easily conjure up a desert camp fire aside the bedouin tent.

The rest of the album as you can imagine follows a similar path with each track leaning slightly in different directions some passages sounding very traditional and organic while others employ the dub, the bass , the Celtic or the gypsy swing. I can't see fans of the Drumspyder back catalogue being disappointed with these further journeys into the ancient music of the East that this new album offers.

Reviewed by Woodzee


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